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At TAM Logistics, we are proud to be one of the experienced international freight forwarders with a various range of international freight methods in line with the needs of the quantity and shipping time of goods. TAM Logistics has the most optimal solutions to save the costs of shipping and logistics for customers. The international freight services of TAM Logistics consist of:

Ocean Freight

TAM Logistics is the agent of many famous shipping lines in the world such as Maersk, Hapag-Loyd, MSC, COSCO, CMA, Yangming, EMC, PIL, ONE, HMM, Heung-A, RCL, Sinokor, KMTC, HDS, Samudra, etc. with a variety of routes from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, AUSTRALIA, to all major ports in the world, even least-visited countries such as Fiji, Solomon Islands, Virgin Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, or African countries that even have no seaports.  TAM Logistics can deliver your goods to the warehouse of buyer, or bring your goods from the foreign seller to your warehouse in Vietnam no matter where it is.

We provide international sea freight packages at reasonable price by container - FCL, LCL cargo with a shipping time ranging from 2-3 days to more than 30 days, depending on the destination of the goods.

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If you intend to import goods from abroad, then TAM Logistics is a reliable provider of international freight services and logistics solutions. Instead of worrying about expertise, you just focus on growing your business. We have a network of prestigious global agents whose capacity is assessed through our annual meetings in order to strengthen cooperation relationships, thereby facilitating handling of goods smooth, easy, and secure. Import and export procedures will become simpler than ever, and our dedicated and experienced team certainly will never let you down. 

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Air Freight 

For shipments in need of fast transit, we offer international air freight (Air Freight) packages with a full range of weekly flight options, or direct service or transit service for the need of urgent freight. TAM Logistics is the agent of numerous airlines such as VN Airline, MH Airline, EY, EK, CX, SU, AK, BX, CA, AF, AI, NX, AA, OZ, PG, BA, 5J, CU, MU, CZ, BR, H1, KA, HX, FD, TG, TR, TK, VA, etc. We also diversify the choice of rates from low to high, corresponding to short or long shipping time. We always appreciate the evaluation of freight providers’ capacity so that customers can feel secure, and not waste time on logistics procedures. This is an expensive and premium service, which is the reason we are available 24/7 for customer service. 

Rail Freight 

In addition to sea and air freight, then rail freight is another choice to transport international goods. Vietnam currently has no railway passing neighboring countries, but China, and Europe, etc. have railway routes connecting countries for circulation of goods. The rail freight transport also shortens more time than by sea, and is cheaper than by air. Therefore, it is also worth considering to use, especially for trading enterprises with multiples parties involved, enterprises with China-based factories or purchasing goods in China to sell to European countries. International rail freight has become a very popular option in China. We have a prestigious agent in China to support all issues related to logistics and shipping procedures so that you can feel completely secure to transport goods. By our dedication and enthusiasm, we make sure that your goods are transported smoothly as if it were our goods.

International Road Freight

For a long time, Vietnam has had a lot of trade with neighboring countries such as China, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos via inland. TAM Logistics also provides international road freight packages to meet this demand. Especially, goods transported through China, Laos and Cambodia are always bustling at the border gates. This is an option to save costs, but the shipping time will be longer than by air. Moreover, the shipping options are very various and diverse by container, or by truck for less than container load cargo, or smaller packages with only a few dozen kilograms.

International multimodal transport

In addition, we can also meet orders requiring international multimodal transport by combining various forms of transport such as sea, air, and land to ensure the shipping time and the allowable cost of each shipment. For this service, our team always makes constant efforts to connect, cooperate, and build strong relationships with shipping lines, airlines and passenger car companies to create a complete chain of links for logistics.

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Courier service

TAM Logistics also enters into courier service contracts of express delivery with well-known firms such as DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex, etc. to support customers in delivery of samples, small orders to the recipient. On the other hand, we can also pick up goods from foreign sellers and deliver them to customers in Vietnam. We understand the increasing demand for express delivery due to the increasing number of people entering the import and export business. Pre-delivery of test samples is inevitable. Please contact TAM Logistics to get support for initial steps of starting an import-export business!!!


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