Import custom procedures of foodstuffs into Vietnam

Importing foodstuffs into Vietnam involves a specific customs clearance procedure to ensure compliance with food safety and quality standards. The process can be complex and may vary depending on the type of food products, their origin, and other factors. Here is a general overview of the import customs clearance procedure for foodstuffs in Vietnam.


  1. Import License and Permits
  2. Customs Declaration
  3. Quality and Safety Inspection
  4. Labeling Requirements
  5. Import Duties and Taxes
  6. Customs Clearance
  7. Delivery and Distribution

Imported foods products are available at many shops & supermakets in Vietnam

1. Import License and Permits

Depending on the type of food products you intend to import, you may need to obtain import licenses, permits, or approvals from relevant government agencies. The specific requirements will vary based on the nature of the food items.

According to the provisions of Vietnamese law, organizations and individuals that import food products before being put on the market must be responsible for public registration of health protection food products at the Agency of Food Safety - Ministry of Health. This organization or individual is only allowed to put the product on the market after it has been announced and has a confirmation
number of the Agency of Food Safety and takes full responsibility for the safety of health food products put on the market and must comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

Notification of food products/materials issued by Ministry of Health (it’s a kind of import permit) are required for most food stuffs or food materials. Except food materials for producing export food products).

To know more about required documents/ sample for obtaining an Notification of food product, you can read our another sharing here

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2. Customs Declaration

Prepare and submit a customs declaration (import declaration) to the Vietnam Customs authorities. The declaration should include detailed information about the imported food products, such as their quantity, value, country of origin, and classification under the Harmonized System (HS) code.

Product Registration:

Some food products may require product registration with the Vietnamese authorities. This is particularly important for imported foods that need to comply with food safety and hygiene regulations.


3. Quality and Safety Inspection

Imported foodstuffs are subject to inspection and testing by relevant government agencies, such as the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. These inspections ensure that the products meet Vietnamese food safety standards.


4. (Important note) Labeling Requirements

Ensure that the labeling of your food products complies with Vietnamese regulations. Labels should include information in Vietnamese, and they must meet specific requirements regarding content, format, and product information.

Label of your food products should be included the below information:

  • Name of items
  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition facts per serving
  • Storage/warning
  • Manufacture date
  • Expiry date
  • Instruction/ how to use
  • Manufacturer company name & address
  • Importer company name & address
  • Original of Product (For example: made in Japan)

4. Import Duties and Taxes

Pay the applicable import duties, value-added tax (VAT), and other relevant taxes and fees. The rates may vary depending on the type of food products and their origin.

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6. Customs Clearance

Once all requirements, including inspection and tax payments, are met, the customs authorities will issue a customs clearance certificate. This certificate allows your foodstuffs to be released from customs custody.


7. Delivery and Distribution

After customs clearance, you can proceed with the transportation and distribution of your food products within Vietnam, making sure that you follow local regulations and standards.


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