Warehouse Installation


TAM Logistics provides a various range of materials for warehouses, factories and services of warehouse and factory construction. With the motto of prestige, quality, professionalism and dedication, TAM Logistics is confident in satisfying the expectations of customers with the most reasonable cost.


Below are the services provided by TAM Logistics:

  • Design and construction of pre-engineered steel structure factories and warehouses
  • Upgrade & renovation of factories and warehouses
  • Installation & maintenance of electrical systems for factories and warehouses
  • Installation & maintenance of camera systems for factories and warehouses
  • Installation & maintenance of fire protection system


Our key industries include the design, installation and upgrading of small and medium-sized factories and warehouses. Each project of TAM Logistics meets the strict standards set by the investor in terms of quality and applicability


Currently, TAM Logistics has deployed and applied BIM technology in organization and project management on 3D model, thereby improving efficiency in design, construction and operation. This technology helps the design units to provide the investor with a more intuitive and vivid view (3D model) through the design, simulation and analysis of important characteristics in terms of structure and functionality of a digital project before construction.


In order to build a factory satisfying the requirements and wishes of the investor, it is very important to make a detailed and specific plan. Especially, the design must clearly show details of materials, technical parameters, and structures of factories and warehouses.


The design team of TAM Logistics consists of design engineers, experienced designers, testers and design managers. Our team specializes in the design of small and medium-sized projects while ensuring high professionalism & applicability.


After the design is approved, the components will be manufactured at the factory under the strict management in each stage by our quality supervisor to ensure the best finished product.


After being manufactured and mobilized to the construction site, the components are assembled with each other using bolts. This is a very important stage because the components must be temporarily braced before the main components are installed, the column beams must be aligned before the new components. Many factories got problems during assembly and installation, so construction techniques are very important


At TAM Logistics, we always put accuracy, safety & quality in construction first.

The activities of warehouse and factory construction and installation includes:

  • Installation steel structure
  • Installation of electrical systems
  • Installation of surveillance camera system
  • Installation of fire protection system, emergency exit
  • Installation of backup generator system


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